My son has entered puberty. He's now more interested in girls than toys. He's now courting his crush. He's given her letters, cards, flowers and chocolates. My young Casanova has added giving gifts to his repertoire. He's saving his allowance so he can give special things to his crush. Just last week, he asked me to gift wrap a stuffed toy. He came running to me holding the toy and wrapping paper.  He bought the toy himself and chose the wrapper too. This stuffed toy is huge. It's a polar bear with a cub. This girl must be really special. I've never seen my son this so excited before.

I'm glad he's taking this positively. Since he started courting her, his grades have been great. I've never seen him get As in Math. I supposed he has to impress the since she is the vice president of the student council. I love it when he's inspired. He becomes a very different kid. He even cleans his room without me nagging him to do so. He's even helping me wash the dishes. Love moves in strange ways. It has moved my son in such a way that is very positive. It's his birthday and he is treating her to dinner. I hope all goes well and they end up together.