Doctor Hardworking

My cousin who happens to be a pediatrician is busier now that she's taking up a medical teaching course.   We hardly saw her last year when she took up a consultant interview course.  We thought we would see more of her when she's done with the consultant interview but right after she finished the course, she signed up for the medical teaching.  She says, this course will teach her everything she needs to know to become a good teacher.  Plus, she'll be able to guide and assist her resident doctors in the hospital when she is regularly updated with the latest in educational theory.

She is planning to teach in school while she practices at the same time.  Another cousin teased her that she'll get rich really fast if she does that.  Kidding aside, this cousin of mine is very intelligent and hardworking.  If you know her well, you'll know that it's not really the money she is after.  She has a passion for teaching and she likes to share her knowledge to aspiring doctors and the teach the teacher course is her first step.