Major Repair

My husband and I are busy preparing the condominium unit for our daughter.  If you have been following this blog then you know that we recently became a grandfather and a grandmother.  My daughter gave birth to twin girls.   We offered them the vacant condo unit right beside our unit when she said she's having a difficult time with the twins especially that the wound from her delivery (she delivered the twins through C section) has not healed yet.  Her husband is now back to work so I know it's difficult to do everything on her own.

Hubs borrowed my brother's concrete polishing tools to fix the flooring.  Most of the tiles were broken so we've decided to remove them all and just have a plain concrete floor.  We're trying to minimize the expenses too so armed with a tile scraper, hubs got rid of the old tiles.  Hopefully the cement will dry up fast so we can start with the concrete grinding polishing.  While he did the floor, I did the wall painting.  It's not an easy job but hubs and I are enjoying this major repair.

My daughter can't wait to move with and we (with hubs) can't wait to be with our beautiful granddaughters.