My Husband's Hobby

My husband has been a long time cigar aficionado. He frequents a cigar bar along with his buddies to try out the new flavors. From time to time, the bar would offer special samples of newly arrived brands. A few months ago, they offered Acid cigars. The brand had been a mainstay since then. Recently, CAO cigars were introduced. My husband even bought a box. I guess he liked the flavor. On a recent trip, he brought home Padron cigars. He also bought some to give to his friends. He has a smoking area in the house where he enjoys his cigars after diner. He collects all kinds of brands and even has some pipes.

It is more of a hobby than a vice. He gets a different satisfaction when he smokes. He can easily tell if a particular brand is good by simply smelling it. He must have smoked every brand. His friends often ask him what brands to buy, You'll be surprised at how some cheaper brands actually tastes better than the pricier ones. His most coveted and prized possession is his Cuban which an ambassador gave him. I don't mind his hobby anymore. It's his only diversion.