She Got What She Wanted When She Had a Rhinoplasty Surgery

Whenever I hear the words "nose job,"  I can't help but smile.  Back when I was in college, one of my best friends were so obsessed in having a perfect nose.  She asked her parents if she could have her nose done.  They didn't agree, of course.  They thought she was too young to have a rhinoplasty surgery.  Frustrated, she saved money from her allowance.  Back then, a surgery was not very expensive so she was able to afford it.  I don't know what she told her mom but she was able to leave home for three days and stayed with one of our other friends.

Unfortunately, she didn't like the result. It wasn't bad but she wanted a perfect nose so she was forced to go home and tell her parents everything.  She was immediately brought to another doctor and corrected the surgery.  To this date her nose is still as perfect.  You see what a woman can do for the sake of beauty?