She Was Depressed

After my husband's aunt died from breast cancer, my mother-in-law suffered from depression.  She was very frustrated that  it was already on its stage 4 when the cancer was detected.  Too late to save her.  Hubs' aunt was single, by the way.  What really made her depressed is the fact that she had regular check ups.  None of those showed that there was a tumor.  During her last four months, she was already bedridden because it was difficult for her to move and all the doctors saw was osteoporosis.  It was during her final two weeks that my mom-in-law was informed about the cancer.  Stage 4 and nothing could be done about it.

When our aunt passed away, MIL of course was very affected.  She was depressed.  She didn't want to eat or do anything because she thought it was all her fault that the cancer was not detected early on.  She also felt that she didn't give the best to our aunt.  For weeks she only stayed in her room.  We even had to ask the family doctor to come and check her because we were all worried something might happen to her if she continue to do that.  The doctor gave her Effexor. Low dosages were given to her in the beginning to see how it would work with her. Thankfully she did not need a higher dosage because after a few weeks there were already some changes.  It didn't take very long before she came back to us.