Water is Always Clean

If there is one piece of material in the spa that is abused and used over and over, it's the spa filters.  And it is only but natural to regularly replace the spa filter cartridges to prevent bacteria from building up in the tubs.  It's great that spas around here are monitored by the government if they are following regulations.  It makes the clients feel safer that they are patronizing a clean spa.

The filter rids the spa water of body oils, fallen hair, dead skin, soap gunk, and cream or lotion residues.  You wouldn't even want to imagine yourself sitting in the spa and soaking in the water with all those dirt, right?  You come to the spa to relax, get pampered, and get cleansed and you pay for those all those things.  So it's just right that you only get the best because that's what you deserve.

The same goes with public and private pools.  I know they also abide by the regulations and replace their swimming pool filter cartridges regularly. I won't have to worry every time my kids would tell me they are going swimming with their friends because I know the pool water is always kept clean.