You don't always have to shop for a dress every time you attend a party or any formal function.  Looking your best is not just all about purchasing designer or expensive outfits.  The simple act of accessorizing can turn your simple dress to fab.  And you don't even have to shop for the more expensive accessories; cheap costume jewelry can be found with just a click of your mouse.  A lot of online costume jewelry shops offer a variety of costume jewelry rings, earrings, necklaces and other stuff.  You wouldn't believe how these fancy jewelry can turn your drab look to gorgeous.

A smart dresser do not have to have tons of dresses.  She only needs to have a few sets of outfits that she can rotate and lots and lots of accessories.  It's important to select accessories that will match the materials, colors and styles of your outfits though.  Try to find pieces that will not only look great in one outfit.  Be smart and visualize all your clothes while shopping for wholesale costume jewelry.  That way you'll be able to rotate them with several outfits and you don't end up spending more.  Aside from costume jewelries, you can also play with  hats, scarves, gloves, handbags, shoes, and shawls.