All Worth It

When my daughter found out she was pregnant, that was the only time she started reading about womens health.  She didn't care so much about her health before that.  She loved to sleep late (and sometimes didn't sleep at all), she never exercised, and had no vitamins.  She also didn't like drinking water so she survived on soda and sugary drinks.  Lucky her, she didn't get big.

When the big news came, she subscribed to a monthly magazine so she'll understand what she was going through and to know what to expect while the babies are growing inside her womb.  I was actually the one who told her to do so because we needed more pregnancy information aside from the pregnancy advice her ob-gyne gives during her monthly visits.  It was the first time we are having twins in the family.  I know it's pretty much the same as having a single baby but we want to be more careful.

Her last trimester was difficult, the twins were growing like regular babies inside her tummy and her cervix opened by 2 cm on her 32nd week.  She had to take meds to delay the delivery for another couple of weeks and was advised to rest in bed. 

On her 34th week, the medication was stopped and the following day she gave birth to two super healthy baby girls.  She named them Soleil and Sophie.