Doing Errands

With my husband's busy schedule, he asked me to do some errands for him online. Since I'm on the net most of the time, I can easily squeeze the favors he asked from me. I help my sister sell jewelry online during my free time. She sells customized jewelry. I can browse the net for my husband's military items at the same time. He has only two items he wants me to check. It's been several months since the last military auction he attended. He has been trying to locate military surplus rifles for sale. These are for his collection and for his props rental. As an astute student of history and civilization, he became interested in the military aspect of both subjects.

His vast collection of military items and memorabilia continues to grow. He has cabinets full of military uniforms from all over the world. These come with complete equipments. Matching helmets, ammo belts, pouches and duffel bags go with these uniforms. Walking into his collection room is like walking into a military museum. Our son plays with the some of the stuff he has. Rifles and other weapons line the walls of the room. He even has some medieval weapons. I have a feeling that this errand may influence me too. Who knows, I may end up getting interested in his hobby too.