Fancy Hairpieces

I was looking for hair accessories for our girls when I landed on a page that sells wigs and hairpieces. I was about to close the page and move on to the next when I spotted some cheap hair extensions. I've read in local magazines that these stuff are expensive. I've seen some local movie stars use this and I found them cute.

Though I'm not really interested to put them on my hair, I tried to imagine how I would look with long hair. The funny thing is when I scrolled the page further down, I found out that you can try it on virtually.  You simply need to upload your photo or turn on your webcam then start trying on the wigs or hair extensions.  The first ones I tried are the remy hair extentions.  I've never had long and straight her.  I have tried perming but after a few months, my hair is back to normal.  I've heard about hair rebonding but I'm a little bit apprehensive about trying it.  I have seen the results and it doesn't look natural to me.  If I'm going to have straight hair, I want my hair to look as natural as possible so people wouldn't think I had it permed.

I had fun seeing them on me and I didn't look bad (grinning).  Next time I'm attending a formal function, I might try putting on hair extensions.