For Mother Nature And Education

My son is very much involved with with a conservationist organization. Aside from seminars and lectures, their organization held a nature fundraiser. The nature fundraising event was for the rehabilitation of a creek. It used to be teeming with life. Unfortunately, undisciplined and reckless hikers have thrown their wastes into it. These led to the pollution of the creek. They have also done tree planting and cleanup drives. It's good to see my son actively participate in these activities.

Aside from being involved in saving Mother Nature, he is also active in helping other schools. They have held some fundraisers for schools. The proceeds have gone to buying educational supplies and learning aids for special children. He believes that all children deserves to have an education not matter what their condition is. I'm so proud of my son.At a very young age, he is doing something worthwhile. While enjoys doing the normal things kids his age do, he has not forgotten that he too has a social responsibility. Watching documentaries on global warming has opened his eyes to the woes of the world. I hope he continues this. We should learn from these youths. They are teaching us that if we all band together, we can actually make a difference.