Healthy-Flavored Popcorn

My husband knows how much I want to have my own popcorn machine.  That's since I started to tweak my diet.  I used to love the flavored microwave popcorn.  Among my favorites and the kids too are microwave caramel, melted butter, honey caramel, butterscotch almond, barbecue and sour cream.  My kids still love them but these are now too heavy for me.  I would rather have plain salted or popcorn with a few dashes of mixed herbs.

It was my birthday two weeks ago and I didn't get any gifts from him; I'm not one to complain though.  But I was surprised yesterday morning when a delivery arrived at my door.  It was a box with a red ribbon and my name was on it.  I opened it immediately and inside was a small pop corn machine.  Oh, and it was from hubs.  How sweet!

Popcorn nights can be any night now with my new popcorn machine.  I will try a few healthy but yummy flavors this weekend for our DVD marathon and see if the kids will like them too.  I'd like to slowly introduce them to healthier flavors too.  of course they can still have the usual but this time, in moderation.