A New Business

I am helping out a friend look for supplies for her newly opened business.  Melissa loved making scented candles and soaps that she used to give to all her friends and family as presents.    For a long time, I have been encouraging her to start selling them so she'll have extra income.  Melissa is a stay-at-home mom and she learned the hobby when her first born started school.  She used to wrap them in manila paper and simply tie it then give it to friends.

While it's still a good idea and costs less to do so, it may not be wise if she has to ship them in faraway places.  I'm helping her look for suppliers of shrink wrap and poly bags.  She may not need to buy mailing tubes now but once she decides to sell her cross stitched projects, she'll eventually need to order for these.  Her newly set-up website is creating a buzz and her orders are coming in.  Melissa is so happy that she will be earning with what she loves to do.  Just keep doing what you love girl and very soon, your hands are going to be full.  I'll always be here if you need a hand.  :)