My Checks Show It

I'm excited about my new grandchildren. Yes, grandchildren. I'm an excited and proud grandmother of twin baby girls. I take as many pictures of them as I can. I upload them to all my social networking sites so our relatives and friends could see their latest photos. I take each of one's picture and together as well. I had this great idea. My bank can print personal checks for me. I had my own design made several months ago. When I asked the account officer if it is possible to order checks with the photos of our twins on them, she said it was possible. It would be great if my checks had my granddaughters' pictures. I have chosen a few of the cutest shots I've taken of the twins.

I have ordered my first batch of bank checks. Every batch would bear a different set of pictures. I would keep a piece of each checkbook for my scrapbook. Am I overdoing it? I suppose I am, but I deserve a little leeway. They are my first grandchildren. I am very emotional about the experience. Being a mother is exciting. I never thought that being a grandmother is even better. I simply can't have enough of the twins.