Never Again

Shhh.  I shouldn't be blogging about this because if my daughter reads this, she's going to hate me.  :)  It's about the reason behind why she went for a Laser Hair Removal.  She used to pluck her underarm hair though I kept on telling her not to do it.  Then when she got tired doing it several times a month, she bought a hair removal cream.  I remember seeing her too excited when she was about to use it.  She was bragging to me how quick and easy it was.

Then something bad happened.  Her underarms turned dark and rashes started to appear!  I told her not to apply anything on them because it just might aggravate the condition.   I brought her to a dermatological clinic and she was given a mild cream for the rashes.  It took a little more than a week before all the rashes disappeared.  I went with her when she returned to the clinic for the laser hair removal.

While there, I browsed at their catalog checking what other services they offered.  According to the receptionist, botox is the most popular and she was offering it to me.  Haha.  Daughter said they are the most affordable clinics around.  They also have so many branches so where ever you may be you can avail of their great services.  You can get a Botox DC or  Botox Maryland.

Her underarms are hairless and the skin is back to normal.  She vows never to try on skincare products she isn't very sure of.