Too Busy

If you're like my brother-in-law who used to struggle just to finish reading his business book and it takes you weeks or months to finish it, executive book summaries are for you.  As a top executive of a large company, he needs to keep updated on the latest business trends.  However, given his tight schedule, business travels, family, and social life; he found it hard to finish a book fast.  His books are collecting dust in his home office!  He spends most of his time at the office and more often during weekends, he flies to the different provinces to check their branches.  He barely has time for his family... more so read a book.

A colleague introduced him to executive book summaries.  These book summaries are compact it lessened his reading time to more than half.  The executive book summaries, according to him were presented in a simplified manner, he was able to get all the important details without wasting too much time.  For an affordable subscription fee, he gains knowledge from the top business authors and he's always updated on business trends and happenings.

These are perfect for those who love to read books but barely have time to do so.


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