6 Often Forgotten Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Perfect

It’s almost here – your wedding day! Exciting and nerve-racking all rolled into one. By following these six random tips, we foresee less “nerve-racking” and more “exciting” in your future. So give them a whirl and enjoy. After all, the best is yet to come.
Enlist the Help of Others – Yes, this is your big day, but there’s no need to carry the load all by yourself. Friends, family, your sweetie’s family, and certainly your wedding party are just some of the people you can count on to help pitch in. Just be sure to remain pleasant and thank them for their time and efforts – no need to go all Bridezilla on them.
Use the rehearsal night to decorate the reception venue – If you’ve chosen to have your reception at a hall, home or inn and you haven’t hired a professional decorator, make your reception locale the site where you’ll host your rehearsal dinner. Doing so will give you a captive audience of well-fed, happy attendees who will no doubt be up for helping you decorate for the next day’s festivities. This can make for great fun and a whole lot of memories. Enjoy.
Test run your hairstyle and headpiece– While it’s tempting to head to your salon on the big day with a picture of the ‘do you are dying to have, it’s a better idea to schedule a pre-appointment to test drive the style. Will it work with your hair texture? With your veil or headpiece? Will the style you have in mind be appropriate for the weather conditions in your area? Your stylist can answer these questions as well as estimate how long it will take to style you, so it’s best to get the details down before the most important day of your life – not during.
Break in your shoes – Nothing kills the mood of even the best moments quite like pinched toes and blistered heals. And any female knows that it’s practically a law that the more beautiful the shoe, the more dreadfully uncomfortable it is. But no worries, by breaking in your shoes a week prior to your nuptials, you’ll be used to your new kicks and will rock them with ease. Start by scuffing up the slippery bottoms with sandpaper or by walking on a sidewalk. Then, wear them around the house to stretch them out and soften them up (even vacuum in them – we guarantee your hubby will get a kick out of high-heeled housework when you move into your new nest) and wear them at your final dress fitting.
Assemble a “Do Not Play” list for your DJ – If you’ve hired a DJ to spin some tunes for your reception, what you choose for him not to play is just as important as what you would like played. If you’re a bride who is up for anything, great, but if the YMCA makes you want to run for the hills, or the thought of line-dancing in any way, shape or form is completely unacceptable, make your wishes known to the mixmaster. Also try putting request cards out on your reception tables, which encourages guests to make suggestions (and get up and boogie!).
Keep your eye on the prize – While orchestrating the many details of the perfect wedding can make for one harried experience, always remember why you’re planning this day in the first place – you’re about to marry the love of your life. That alone should get your through any cake catastrophe or bridesmaid drama that comes up. A wedding is just an event. The day is just a day. The after-effect – your marriage – is forever. Keep that fact in your heart and all will be well. Promise.

Jade Goodwyn holds a B.A in Communications and currently writes for Viamedic.com , a safe pharmacy for consumers to obtain FDA-approved medications such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra Online. Jade  uses her communications and research skills to cover health and wellness on the Viamedic.com Blog.