An Aspiring Actress

Have you ever been to auditions? I had a chance to accompany my niece to a free casting call the other day. Her mom had an unexpected meeting with a client and couldn't go with so she asked me if I could.  I had nothing much to do so I went with her.

I couldn't believe that there were so many aspiring actors and actresses.  Nadine went to an acting school and she would like to try her luck in this craft.  She has always loved to act ever since she was young.  She was a member of the drama club since 5th grade and she's been in all of their school's plays.  Our family is giving her our full support.  In fact, it's my mom who told her about this casting call.

To be honest about it, I had a great time watching the aspirants.  I didn't even notice the time and I couldn't believe that we were there the whole day.  These young girls and boys could memorize the entire script in so little time!  The list of names who will be back for the final audition will be given tomorrow.  Nadine did well and I'm praying that she makes it.