Au Naturale

Who would have thought that soy beans have other uses? I thought it was only used to make tofu or curd. Last summer, while we were having our house repainted, I learned of soy's other uses. Apparently, soy can be used to remove paint. He ordered several cartons of soy paint remover. I was amazed at how soy based paint remover can effectively strip paint without any harmful chemical additive. It is good to see companies do their share in protecting the environment.

Back in the day, paint had lead and paint remove is a chemical filled activity. To strip the paint off anything, a strong solution had to be applied to soften the paint. With the awareness raised by environmentalists, companies are now looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment. It seems that everything and everybody is going organic.

I'm glad we did not scrimp on our repainting. We hired a very professional and responsible contractor. They use only all-natural materials. The paint they used is water-based. It even has anti-bacterial and fire-retardant properties. I am proud of how we were able to help protect our environment. Since then, we now make sure that everything we use are safe and environment friendly.