Busy as a Bee

My cousin Gemma is one of the top executives in a large company here.  She is one of the overseers of a large mall chain here in the Philippines.  Ever since she was promoted to this position, she's been too busy traveling and we seldom see her anymore.  I was lucky to spot her in the mall last week.

As always she's looking great and slim, but she was complaining about her job.  Well, not actually her job but the time she spends at work.  It's taking up too much of her time and she barely has a chance to rest.  She also mentioned that she also had to finish a lot of Business books but she has no time even just to browse one.

I have heard about executive book summaries that can be downloaded online so I told her about it.  She can finish reading all her Business books in a half the time.  Cousin Gemma can either use her phone by downloading the app or she buy an eBook reader for all those.  She doesn't even have to bring all the heavy books all the time and she can read them during flights or her breaks.

She thanked me for telling her about it and she told me that she'd get the eBook right away.