Dinner Tonight

When I got a call from my cousin in the province asking me to help him look for livestock weight scales, I immediately said yes even though I had no idea where to find them.  I will never ever say no to him because he did a lot of things for me and my family.  And whenever he knew we'd have an occasion, he would send us one big calf for roasting.  When dad celebrated his 50th birthday, he sent his men to roast a calf.  He did the same gesture when my son was christened, when my daughter celebrated her 18th birthday and during mom and dad's 30th wedding anniversary.

I tried the internet first and luckily, there were lots of sources for livestock weight scales.  I looked for the list brands he gave me and compared prices.  I also called up some of the local distributors of these scales and they said they are happy to give discounts for three or more orders.  The rancher was very happy with my finds.  He is on his way now to Manila to order the scales and he promised to bring me some prime cuts.  Dinner tonight will surely look like this...