Do you know which supplement to take?

There are so many types of supplements available today and knowing what to take can be very difficult.  There are supplements for the heart, for the bones, for the liver, for the heart, and so much more.  If you have to take all these then you could be popping in a pill in your mouth every 10 minutes.  Of course I'm exaggerating, but seriously,  do you know what to take? You could get confused just looking at them so here, I hope this guide will help you choose which exact supplement to take.

Sharpen memory!  As we grow older, our memory isn't as sharp and we tend to forget a lot of things.  The factor 60 is a supplement that supports and maintains memory, concentration and focus.  It's in tablet form and contains Iron and it's gluten-Free.

Take care of your heart!  The formula 440 are soft gels that make your heart healthy. It's packed with omaga3 that fight inflammation.  Each soft gel contain oil from Alaskan salmon, ultra-refined fish oil of yellow fin tuna,  and arctic krill.  These soft gels have no fishy smell and after taste so it's great for people who are not fans of fish.

Eliminate yeast!  The formula sf722 is a safe and effective way to treat candida yeast infection; yeast is the culprit behind weight gain, brain fog and sluggishness.  The supplement contains castor bean oil.  The oil is non-toxic and has been known to be a potent yeast fighter.

Bone up and take D!  You need to supplement with calcium and vitamin D to make you limber.  Bones become brittle as we age and taking in calcium will lower your risks of osteoporosis.

Hopefully the guide I shared can help you choose the right supplement.  It will also be best to ask you doc if the supplements mentioned will not interfere with your other vitamins and medications.