He was more excited!

Hubs and I went to the home depot yesterday to shop for a doorbell. Not for us but for my daughter's home. She likes the wireless door chime we have at home so she specifically asked her dad to buy it for her. Her husband is always busy at the office and when he's home, he helps our daughter take care of the twins. They couldn't find time to fix their doorbell so her dad volunteered to do it for them.

Hubs loves visiting the home depot. He can stay there for hours checking out what's new. He also loves to watch the store's demos and if I didn't go with him, he'll go home with lots of stuff for sure. When we went to the wireless doorbells aisle, he saw a lot of new things. We had a small argument because he wanted to get a new and different model. I was insisting that we get what our daughter wanted. Oh he didn't want me to win so he called up our daughter to tell her of the new stuff. Sure enough, he won.

Tomorrow we'll be going to their house to visit them and the twins and install the wireless doorbell at the same time. I'm sure he can't wait!