I know where to get them fast

Out of checks?  Oh it happened to me one time and I panicked because I thought I still had one booklet left.  I was about to issue several checks for the car amortization when I realized that I'm already out of checks.  I panicked because it takes my bank to print at least three weeks to print the booklets. It will be difficult for me to go without bank checks for three weeks with all my payable; personal and stocks for the store.

The only solution the bank gave me was to open another checking account so I'll have a new booklet to use while waiting for my check order.  It was time consuming but I was left with no other choice.  Since then, I always made sure I will never run out of checks.

Nowadays ordering checks are pretty easy.  Unlike before when it takes you weeks to get your booklets, now it only takes you a day or two because the checks can be ordered online.  Plus, you get to choose your own design.  I still make sure that I don't run out but at least now I know where to get them fast should I happen to forget again.