Lots of Me Time

When I went with my husband one time during one of his seminars, I enjoyed a lot of me times.  It was for one whole week and I was left alone mostly during day time.  I had five days all to myself and all I did was to roam around the area and sometimes just laze in our suite where we had a big bed with luxury bedding.  I enjoyed watching television and some old flicks.  Back home I barely have the time to do that.  I also enjoyed the hotel's gym and spa.  I was pampered like a queen while wondering when will I ever get the chance to do this again.

At night, we would enjoy dinner together or attend cocktails sponsored by the seminar's organizers.  We also had time to visit the night markets and shop for some stuff.  The last two days were the most fun because hubs had his free time.  We were able to tour the city and enjoyed the theme parks.  We were like kids enjoying the rides and having fun with the shows and parades.

It was sad though that the kids weren't with us, but hubs promised that as soon as the kids' vacation starts, we would go back with them.