Made in Greece

We're too excited for our friend who will be leaving for Greece next month to compete is a shooting competition.  He's been into this sport for only a couple of years but he is already so good and had competed in a lot of international competitions.  He may not have won but having a good place in the top ten is already quite an achievement.  This time though, hubs and I are playing that he wins.

It only started as a hobby.  He and my husband used to buy and sell coins and other old stuff (guns included).  They loved going to gun auction sites and watch people buy and trade old guns.  They never had an idea that one gun auction would lead to Ty's hobby.  He saw a gun that he really liked, bid for it and won.  Since he had the gun, he thought he might as well use it for target shooting.  He got hooked.

He will be representing the country in next month's competition and we're really praying that he and his team win.  His wife is also going with him and I am praying for another thing; that they will be blessed with a child.  They have been married for five years and they have no babies yet.  We are praying for a made in Greece baby.