Mellow Yellow Monday #127 - Care for Dumplings?



Chubskulit Rose said…
Can I have one please? Lol!
Mika said…
Oohhh Chinese food! Miss that and the soy sauce dip with calamansi :)

Here is my entry
Dimple said…
Happy birthday, and also happy MYM!
iTravel said…
Wish I could pick one. lol..Yummy entry for MYM. Thanks for the visit Liz.

Pretty Kat
imriz said…
yay! i can have two order of those :)
One said…
This is our kind of food; tim sum.
Chalk Dust said…
yes. please.. crab meat .. lol..

thanks sis for the drop:)
Anonymous said…
Aww...dim sum!
My late visit here :)
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