New Ways to Communicate

I still remember some time during the 80s, the time when the fax machines first came out. Our family business deals mainly with Japanese suppliers and we were the first ones to have a fax machine. Our office was right at home so during our 'no school' days, we helped in the business. We saw how our parents were communicating with them. My siblings and I were so amazed whenever we saw the thermal paper coming out from the machine. I always volunteered to send the faxes and the replies to our suppliers.

Everything is so different now although fax machines are still used. Businesses can do Web conferencing and Audio conferencing. My parents too have adapted to this, they sometimes do Audio conference with their suppliers from Singapore, Korea and Japan.

These leaps in technology are making things so much easier and cheaper to many of us. The costly oversees telephone charges have been eliminated because of the internet and we conference. Fax charges used to be expensive too.

Even individuals can easily connect to their families and friends abroad because of this. I am trying to imagine how communications are going to be more advanced in the years to come.