Not-so-fresh shrimps

There was only one incidence of food allergy in my family. It was back when my son was only 4 and I gave him shrimps. that same night he had rashes all over his body so I called up his pediatrician. The doctor told me to give him antihistamine; the rashes were gone in a cinch. I gave him shrimps again after that incident; he didn't have the rashes. I think it was a case of 'not-so-fresh' shrimps and up until now I still feel guilty about it. Other than that I'm glad food allergies have not bothered me.

I also made sure that they get the necessary vitamins and nutrients they needed while growing up. But it is hard to do now that they are grown up. They are out most of the time and give them food supplements so they will still get the nutrients even if they are not eating healthy all the time.

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