Driving and Music

Wherever you are planning to head on vacation in the upcoming year, you need some classic American driving tunes that will get you through any type of road trip! After lining up the rental car with netcars you can make a playlist. With the music blaring and everyone singing along, the time and miles will pass quickly and you will be at your destination in no time. Here are 5 tunes to keep everyone rocking out along the way.

Life is a Highway
Your kids may have heard this one from Disney and Pixar's "Cars" but even before it brought characters to life on the animated screen, it was a classic hit. Originally done by Tom Cochrane, the kids and the adults will love this one as they make their way down the highway. It has also been covered by the likes of Chris LeDoux and Jerry Jeff Walker. You don't have to worry about the lyrics, so let everyone belt this one out with the windows rolled down.

Fun, Fun, Fun
If you are looking for a little fun, fun, fun, you'll love this tune by the Beach Boys. You'll probably have a tough time preventing yourself and your passengers from bouncing around in the seats as you sing along to the words. Many of the lines are repeated over and over so even the little ones will be able to follow along and sing after only hearing it a few times. You can also remind those kids almost old enough to drive that kids used to have the car taken away when they lied to their parents!

Born to be Wild
While a Canadian-American band (Steppenwolf), brought these lyrics to the masses, it still counts as an American classic. The kids will have at least heard parts of the song and will be eager to join in as you guys are cruising down the road. Don't be surprised if you see the kids pick up their air guitars and even an air drum set to really get the rhythm of this one going. Whether you really are setting out for an adventure or you are just headed to your parents' house, you will feel like getting your motor running!

Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car
Cheesy doesn't even begin to describe this one, but you probably won't be able to resist it once it gets started. Everyone will get a kick out of this Billy Ocean song. There is a lot of back and forth, so you can even separate into groups to get the talking going (or shouting - depending on who's in the car with you). The lyrics are tame by today's standards. However, the older kids may get a kick out of lines like "touch my bumper" or "let me take your wheel" but for the most part, you should be okay.

On The Road Again
You can't leave country music out of the mix when you plan on taking a road trip. A truly classic song, this one by Willie Nelson takes the cake. Even if you aren't typically a country fan this song embodies the idea of being out on the road and having a good time. Kids and adults will be singing along to this one in no time.


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