The UP Pep Squad

I'm not a fan of basketball but when it comes to the UAAP Cheerdance competition, I never miss.  I have always been fascinated with the participants' costumes and pom poms.  This year's costumes were well thought of.  Each team has prepared for their numbers well and they have spent for their fabulous costumes and cheerleading accessories.  I wonder if they got sponsors because by the looks of it, even the cheerleading pom poms looked expensive.

The over all winner this year is UP Pep Squad.  They wowed the audience with their creativity and unique look.  All the cheer dancers sported a blonde hair and their moves looked effortless.  Their routines looked very challenging but they were cleanly presented.  There were no errors, they moved spontaneously, and every one looked so cheerful and energetic.  Their Madonna-inspired routines were fantastic no wonder they topped the scores.

Their basketball may have finished last but they have the best cheer dance routines.  UST used to dominate the cheer dance competition in the past years but the competition is getting tougher with UP's unique moves and ideas.  This is UP's second straight crown and I can't wait to see them again dominating the competition next year.