Aging Healthy

I am not getting any younger. The same goes for my husband. As we age, we tend lo decrease our food intake which deprives us of our daily requirement of nutrients. My husband and I both take supplements and vitamins. I have my own and he has his own. Some supplements are gender exclusive. Some on the other hand are universal and can be taken by both men and women. My husband and I use only the best protein supplement we can find. I take calcium supplements as well. Of course we also take antioxidants to clean our systems. We old folks no longer enjoy perfect metabolism. We need help in taking out the impurities in our body.

Of course vitamin C is one of the essential vitamins everyone needs. It strengthens our immune system. Then there are vitamins A and B. We also changed our lifestyles. We eat healthy and try to get as much exercise as we can. You may call it preventive lifestyle. We still enjoy the foods we like but with great moderation. We would like to continue doing the things we love to do. That is why we try to live healthy. Sure there are sacrifices to be made, but those are too insignificant when compared to a longer life and a healthy body.