Around The World

We plan to take a lengthy tour that would cross three continents. We've been planning this for several years. Rather than spend a couple of weeks stuck inside a cruise ship, a month-long tour would be a better option. Our favorite travel agent has prepared a very good itinerary for my family. First stop would the Far East. We will be taking several china tours that would bring us to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. I always wanted to see the Forbidden City and walk the Great Wall.

From China, we will fly to Europe. We will be taking different european tours and visit several countries by train. My son would surely look for model trains in Germany and Austria. He has been collecting and running these trains since he was young. My husband looks forward to seeing Spain and France. He would like to visit the beaches of Normandy. These europe tours will be lots of fun for sure.

The last leg of our trip would be a discovery tour of Alaska. Several alaska tours will allow us to experience the Alaskan tundra. We will be able to explore the Alaskan outback in dog sleds. I can't wait to go on this trip. My son is excited too. It would be a month of great adventure for our family.