Claire's Love

My cousin Claire was blessed with the talent of fixing hairs. She love to wear her hair long and do a lot of things with it. She has a lot of hair accessories. Too many that one part of her room is full of different accessories one would think she's selling them. She loves to use and collect them. She also loves to fix her sister's and friends' hair too. Whenever they had sleepovers, there will always be time spent for fixing each other's hair.

My uncle and aunt were not surprised when she told them that she wanted to open a salon. Of course the whole family was very supportive. I and my other cousins even went with her when she went shopping for Pedicure chair, salon styling chairs, and other hair salon furniture. We also helped her decorate her salon. One of my cousins is an interior decorator so she did most of the decorating while I helped her interview her beautician applicants. Her salon is a first in our family as most of us are either doctors or in the food business. Everyone was so excited and willing to offer help. Claire of course was very happy with all her family's support.

When she opened her salon, we her cousins are naturally, her first customers.