Cute Photo Checks

It's my daughter's first time to open a checking account and she is too excited that she now have checks.  She used to asked me then about my bank checks when she was still very young.  She was too curious whenever she saw me pay some bills using my personal checks.  I explained to her that checks are like money, you pay them with your money only you don't give real money because your money is in the bank.  It's the safest way to pay especially if you have to pay other people in big amounts.  At a tender age of six, I think she understood what I was trying to explain to her.  Now she is 23; she has opened her own current account and she is too excited to order checks.

She actually had the ordinary checks issued by the bank when she first opened her account but when she learned about photo checks; she thought of having them as well.  She says it'll be nicer to have these cute checks especially that she plans to give money to her godchildren this Christmas.  Well, that sounds like a great idea and I'm planning to order too.  I would love to have the twins' photo on my checks.