With meetings with clients almost daily, my husband's office is fully stocked with presentation folders. His team is at hairs end to finish all the project studies and presentations to different companies and businessmen. Easily used up is the office paper. Their printers churn out thousands of pages of documents and reports. Their office supply is one of the more costly expenses. While presentations are made though slides and Powerpoint, clients hold pages upon pages of forecasts, figures and statistics to better understand what is being shown to them by the project team.

An office like this has so many essentials. If you think that a modern office full of high tech gadgets and equipment has no need for old media materials, you are definitely wrong. Paper and acetate is still being used. Poster paint,illustration boards and paint brushes are still used for mockups and studies. Software has not totally replaced traditional art materials. Digital media may be the wave of the future but it simply enhances what artists make. My husband's company has tons of documents and all these have hard copies and scanned files. The real world and the virtual world coexist in their daily work. The lowly paper has essential use in daily corporate life.