Foreclosure Homes

When my brother and his wife decided on buying a house, they consulted it with my mom first.  Mom is the expert when it comes to buying houses.  She told them to first check on  Free Foreclosures listing.

Most of these Real Estate Owned Foreclosures are cheaper than if you go directly to an agent.  Why?  Because these foreclosed properties are owned by banks and they are usually sold at discounted prices.   Banks foreclose a property when a borrower is not able to pay for his mortgage for a certain period of time.  However, banks are more interested in commercial areas where they can build banks or other businesses rather than the residential areas. They would rather sell them at a much lower price than be stuck with these properties for a long time.

We also got our house from the bank and we got it for a little more than half the price.  Had we not checked  Free REO foreclosures, we would never have our beautiful house.  Subscriptions for these listings are free.  The list is updated regularly; you'll always be the first to know if a new house is for sale or for auction.