I Didn't Get to Ride

I wouldn't have know what an english horse tack is if we hadn't visited the stables at the back of the hotel where we stayed in Singapore.  We stayed in a place very similar to Subic.  They have a lot of recreation areas there; you wouldn't need to go far if you're looking for fun and adventures.  They have a mountain bike trail on the other side; a mall; you can go hiking; and you can go horseback riding.  When we visited the stables they were tacking the horses because some riders are waiting up ride and explore the area.  Hubs wanted to ride too but I wasn't up to it.  I was still a little sick (with flu) when we went there.  I have never ridden a horse and it was really a great chance to do so.  I hope when I come back I can do all the things I was not able to do because I was sick.