I Got Sick

Although I got sick because of flu when we went to Singapore last week, all in all I should say it was a good one.  We went there to join the 25th Asian Intercity and we brought home two gold medals, 2 silvers, and a bronze medal.  We didn't get to go around too much though because most of the time we were at the bowling center; we usually got home late.  And on the few occasions that we can go sightseeing,  I preferred to stay at the hotel and rest.  I felt so bad that all I wanted to do was sleep, sleep, and sleep. 

The weather was too hot; hotter than Manila.  Then it would suddenly rain and the sun will be up and shining again after the rain.  I think this is the reason why I got sick.  I've already been back here in Manila for more than a week and I'm still suffering from colds and cough. 

A few years back we were in Busan, Korea.  The weather was extremely cold because it was winter time when we were there.  The ladies thermals I brought with me kept me warm enough;  I didn't get sick.  Although I am used to warm weathers, it's easier to get sick from extreme heat and rain than from the cold weather.

Hubs and I, together with out youngest, plan to go back to Singapore next summer for a real vacation.  I am hoping that the weather would be kinder so I won't get sick.  Singapore is such a beautiful country with lots of trees; I would love to explore it the next time I visit.