My Lola's Grape Plants

When I tripped upon an article about grape and blueberry plants can grow in the Philippines, I suddenly remembered my grandmother's Grape plants.  I think I was about five at that time and I saw her planting them.  She told me that it will be tough to make them grow because our weather was too hot, but she still wanted to try.  Well, they did grow and because grapes are vines, they served as a shade in her front garden.  They bore some fruits too but they were very small and sour.  She passed away a year after she planted them and no one else took care of her plants.  The leaves went dry and the plants died eventually so my grandfather decided to remove them.  I still think of her whenever I see grape plants.

My mom is exactly like my grandma; she likes to plant anything and find growing plants that thrive in cold weather a real challenge.  She didn't try grapes and blueberries though because she didn't have the space.  She prefers flowers and bamboo plants.  She believes bamboos are lucky plants so she gives them out to friends as gifts whenever there is an occasion.  I wish I am as good as them when it comes to growing plants.   Someday, I would love to have my own garden where there will be lots of fruit trees and flowers.