Petrol Head

My husband and son just love cars. They are both petrol heads. They tinker with our cars and are very much into anything that has an engine. Our garage is filled with otc tools. All their tools are treated as gems. I think they have all kinds of auto repair tools you can find. These are cleaned and carefully kept in steel tool cabinets after every use. They do the maintenance on our cars themselves. Oil change, brake pad replacement and even doing a complete engine rebuild, name it and they can do it. We even have our very own hydraulic lift. They have a project car they work on on weekends. Their car repair tools are working as hard as they do. They've rebuilt the engine and transmission. They are waiting for the delivery of the big brakes and new exhaust system which they ordered.

It's nice to see them have a common interest. It gives me peace of mind knowing my son's not out doing something stupid. It's a very productive hobby for my son and a very relaxing one for my husband. We're also saving money on auto maintenance cost because of this. Who knows, this hobby of theirs just might become a business someday.