Restoring A Memory

My husband was very close to his grandfather. A cinema manager, he would take my husband along when he went to work. My husband would munch on pop corn the entire day. His grandfather passed away fifteen years ago. At a county bazaar, he spotted and old popcorn machine. It was very much like the pop corn machine the cinema his grandfather managed had. We went home with the machine strapped to the back of our pickup truck. The thing was old and beat up. It needed a huge restoration job to look good again. Hopefully, it would pop some corn again.

He brought it to a restorer. He was determined to have it fixed and cooking again. Having it restored was not cheap and it would take several months to finish. The restorer would have to research how it works and to find the parts for it. The entire restoration took a good four and a half months. When my husband received a call from the restorer that the project was finished, my husband rushed to get it. He soon returned with the machine. While he was at the restorer, I went down to the grorcery to buy corn to pop. When he got home, we all eagerly wanted to see it cook pop corn. We had and continue to enjoy the pop corn machine.