Studying to Teach

My cousin left for the US last week and whiles she's out of the country, well baby care for the twins was left to her husband who is also a pediatrician.  She'll be gone for a few weeks to attend a medical teaching course and have a short vacation at the same time.  She has a teaching job offer from the the university where she graduated.  They needed more teachers to cater to the growing field of medical education.  She also dreamed of teaching back when we were kids and according to her this is a great opportunity to share her knowledge to future doctors.

She already finished her consultant interview course when she left for US earlier this year but it is only now that she will have time to pursue the teach the teacher course.  It won't take her very long though as this course  is only for a few days.  She can actually take it online but since she wanted to have a short vacation, she decided to fly to the States.  She knows that it will take a long time again for her to have another vacation especially when she starts on her teaching job.  She'll also be seeing my sister and our other cousins there.