TracFone for Dad and Mom

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone. All opinions are 100% mine.
Now, who says you can't text and call all you want for under $10?  And who says you can't get a QWERTY phone for only $29.95?  TracFone's service cards give you so much more. My sister got two Senior Value plans for dad and mom.  And now the two of them are enjoying double minutes for a minimal fee.  They love to call us and talk to their grandchildren everyday.  Mom never wanted to send text messages using her old cellphone because she found it hard to read the small letters.

With her new phone, the letters are very big she finds it easy to read and write text messages.  Each one of us receives loving messages from her everyday.

One great thing about their plan is that there are no contracts so they can cancel it any time if they don't want it anymore.  But I doubt if they would do that especially that it seems they are both enjoying texting and their new phones.

My brother and his family, just like mom and dad, can Get into Everywhereness because they also switched to Tracfone.  I'll be following them as soon as our contract with our present service provider is finished.