Vegas Reunion

My husband is off to Vegas for his annual Halloween reunion with his high school classmates. Just like last year, he'll be driving a discount car rental when he lands in Vegas. Using a cab is more expensive and he'll also have a excuse not to drink himself blind. He doesn't mind being the designated driver and he really isn't a drinker. He just loves to hook up with old friends. It was only recently that he was able to track down his high school friends. It was almost three decades when he lost contact with them.

He's sentimental about it and for the past two years, he never misses these reunions. They never seem to run out of stories to tell and memories to share. Recently, he's been trying to help an old classmate get back on his feet. These reunions are a blessing to him. It reminded him of some of his happiest experiences. It also enabled him to get a good eye doctor for his glaucoma. A former classmate happened to be an ophthalmologist. She has been regularly checking his eye condition. It's nice to see my husband very happy. Whenever he returns from his Vegas reunion, he's always in a happy mood and high spirits. I wish me and my old classmates would reunions like this.