Cost Cutting

The prices of gas and other utilities keep on going up and it is no surprise that most of us find ways to stretch our incomes.

My family and I used to enjoy a lot of stuff from the grocery. My kids love to munch on chips and sweets so I used to buy a lot of this stuff whenever I go grocery shopping. And if they see something new from the ads; they'd ask me to buy the new stuff. Now, with the same budget that I used to spend with my grocery, I only go home with the most important things. I will have to pay more if I have to buy my kids the extras. Although they understand that we have a limited budget, it breaks my heart that I can't always get them what they want.

We have already done a lot of cost cutting and my family is getting used to it. Our car insurance is due to expire by the end of the month and instead of renewing, hubs looked for auto insurance quotes to find the best deal. My brother-in-law told us that auto insurances are cheaper if purchased online because you avoid unnecessary car insurance costs.  Sure enough, he was able to get a good deal.

It may be a little difficult to start tightening your belts but once you're used to it, you'll be surprised to find out how much money you waste on unnecessary things.