6 Apps to Track Your Health

If you've recently been shopping for health insurance, you know that the healthier you are, the easier it is to get those great rates. We all know the best way to stay healthy is to take some proactive measures, right? Eat a healthy, balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, limit your sweets, exercise on a regular basis, get adequate amounts of sleep, drink lots of water, and avoid excessive drinking. Thankfully, some new mobile apps make it easy to track your health, monitor your workouts, manage your health records, and more. Why not take the next step toward cheaper health insurance and term life insurance by using one of these apps to keep you feeling your best.

Capzule, PHR
This app allows you to manage a wealth of medical information for your entire family. Track appointments, immunizations, lab tests and results, doctor visits, and other medical histories. You can even connect to a regular computer to enter information, or connect to your calendar feature to remember important appointments.

This free app is priceless if you take many different prescription medications. The app will remind you when to take your meds, as well as alert you when it's time for prescription refills. It keeps a list of all medications you have ever taken, and it's easy to add a new medication by searching the FDA medication list. All information is kept private by requiring a password.

LogFrog DB
Managing diabetes can be a challenge for kids and adults alike. You can try a trial version of the LogFrog DB app for 30 days to see if you like it. LogFrog makes it easy to track things like diet, exercise, and medications. Data input is quick and easy, even appealing to kids. It can track blood sugar levels over time, and has an alarm feature to remind you to test your blood sugar or take medication.

PozTracker is a confidential app used by people living with HIV/AIDS. It helps you keep track of all medical information, including doctors visited, medications, allergies, and viral load levels. It offers a graph feature and a glossary of common terms as well as tips to stick to a healthy regime. It keeps information private by requiring not only a password, but also security questions each time you open the app.

iPeriod Ultimate
Women can easily track their monthly cycles with the iPeriod app. Whether you're trying to conceive, or quite the opposite, the graphing feature can spot trends, notify you of ovulation, and more. It can provide email alerts, has a calendar, and the information is easily backed-up, making this the only app a woman needs to keep track of her feminine health.

BP Tracker
This app allows you to quickly and easily monitor your blood pressure. Data can be entered in seconds and can then be emailed to your doctor if you choose. Information can also be shown in a graph, so you can track blood pressure trends. There is a handy color-coding feature, which allows you to easily recognize when blood pressure levels get too high or too low.


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