Saturday PhotoHunt - Joy

The perfect photos to describe JOY are photos of our twins.  These girls have been our source of Joy since they were born last June.

To view more JOY photos, please visit Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe.


MaR said…
How sweet and wonderful!!

Bel said…
Gorgeous. And I wholeheartedly agree about children bringing joy to their parents. :)
Carver said…
Wonderful take on the theme! Happy weekend.
Annie said…
Your girls are beautiful! I can see why they bring you joy. Perfect take on the theme!
YTSL said…
Awww, they look like they looove each other! :)
Great shot...children are sure joyful.

Mine is up and coffee is on
LifeRamblings said…
how adorable and sweet.
ancient one said…
I love the photos you chose for this week's theme. I know those girls are real joys.. Thanks for visiting me.r
Alice Audrey said…
So much joy they even put a smile on my face.
That is such a precious photo!
Thank you for sharing your JoY with the new Saturday PhotoHunt site.
I hope y'all will continue to join in the fun!