Color Tint Lenses

I've never worn contact lenses.  Not even when colored contact lenses became a fad that almost everyone I know are wearing them.  Oh no, I have nothing against them.  I actually think that they are very pretty; I just don't think my eyes can bear having "covers."  My eyes easily become irritated when a lash gets inside them; what more with contact lenses.  I was also discouraged by the fact that I have dark eyes; blue or green lenses might not look good with them. 

Then on time when we had a wedding in the family; my cousins have agreed that all of us will be wearing colored lenses.  I debated on it because I think I am too old for that.  I don't know how it happened but they were able to convince me.  During the wedding, I wore colored contacts for dark eyes.  I chose the sterling gray hue.  It didn't dramatically change the color of my eyes and that's good enough for me because I wasn't working on changing the colors, but they enhanced the color of my dark brown eyes.

Surprisingly too, I was very comfortable with them.  I was teary in the beginning but I was alright after a few blinks.  That experience totally changed my view on colored contact lenses and I won't hesitate to wear them again when another special occasion comes.